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Moms who crave more and want to end the chaos with food and raise confident kiddos.

The Free Life

About Us

The Free Life is a place where women can reinvent their relationship with food and their bodies without judgement. You can have honest discussions, feel understood, and feel confident in yourself and in raising healthy, intuitive eaters. 

The mission is to provide a safe place to heal, inspire, and free up your energy that is sucked away from obsessing around food and weight. 

Why You Should Join Us

This membership is not only about building a community that raises women up to live their best life without diet culture but is also providing the live events and coaching needed to reinvent yourself with food and body image at a reasonable cost. 

The future is about mental wellness and this community is about making the impact in our lives but also the next generation. We want you to feel purpose driven and successful in life. 

We don't complicate things. The membership includes the chats, events, courses, and coaching calls you need to thrive. You are already overwhelmed with choices all day long, it is not necessary to feel that overwhelm here. 

A Big Thanks

Just by considering this membership, you are showing women and future generations that we no longer will settle. Our voice matters. We can be a part of the change we wish to see in the world. We are not victims. We have the power to design the life we crave without apologies and guilt. Thank you for being here. I hope to see you inside. 

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